Have you been unable to find the right partner? Is your job a drag? Does your life often feel like a treadmill?

If any of these questions hits a nerve, ask yourself: If you could make a change tomorrow, what would you choose?

Ideally, you should be able to close your eyes and see yourself in the spot where you most want to be.  Once you are in this special place, you can look around.

In the best of all possible worlds, what work would you be doing that you feel passionate about?  Are you living in town or in the country?  In a house or an apartment?  How are you spending your leisure hours?  Who is there with you?  In these ways and any others that come to mind, what would the good life look like?

The problem . . .
If these questions aren’t easy to answer, it may be because you don’t know what you really want.  For instance:

  • You finished high school, but you can’t decide what to do next.  Or you finished college, but you don’t know what sort of job you want.  You also don’t know how to find out, so you follow your parents’ suggestions.
  • You are living with a great guy (or gal), and there’s talk of marriage.  But you’re not sure you’re ready.  What do you want?  You don’t know what to say.  You do nothing.
  • The job’s a bore, and the people make you crazy, but it’s a steady paycheck.  It’s painful to think about other possibilities and even drearier to imagine redoing your résumé, applying for vacancies, and going to interviews, so you stall.  Then you kick yourself every day for not taking action.

Before you can get what you want, you need to know what it is.  Sounds simple, right?  Certainly it would be if you could get the answer just by asking yourself the question.

The trouble is that sometimes the answer seems to be missing in action.  Sometimes we are paying so much attention to what other people want that we forget what we truly want.

Or we ignore our wishes because we are worrying about the opinion others have of us.  Either way, we forget to notice what we need for ourselves.

Finding the solution . . .
If this situation sounds familiar, consider taking a new approach.

Imagine yourself able to brainstorm freely and able to take stock of your feelings about each wild idea that comes to mind.

Break the process into two parts.  First, see how many crazy ideas you can come up with.  Only after you have a good long list should you start thinking about how to make any one idea happen.

Alex’s story
Consider the case of Alex.  Alex, age 30, complained that she was bored with her clerical job.  She vaguely knew that she needed something different and more challenging, but she didn’t know what it was.  What to do?

As we began to chip away at Alex’s problem, we both noticed that it seemed to have several different parts.

In the first place, Alex’s brain couldn’t produce a solution. She had a few ideas, but they were all about as original as newspaper want ads.  None of them seemed worth pursuing.

Worse, for each idea, she saw a thicket of obstacles.  The roadblocks kept her from giving her imagination free rein and knowing how she might feel about any one possibility.

If just thinking things through didn’t get her anywhere, Alex and I agreed, she was going to have to get some new information, meet some new people, and have new experiences of some sort.

Radical measures would be needed to put her back in touch with the gut-level reactions that would help her discover which things were worth pursuing and which were dead ends.

But Alex was tired, discouraged, and broke.  How long is this process going to take?  she asked irritably.  Just thinking about it made her anxious.

That was when the second piece of the problem emerged.

How Alex was thinking about the solution to the problem was greatly affected by how she was feeling not just emotionally but also in other ways.  If she hadn’t slept well, or had the flu, or had fought with her mother last night, or had just left work after a long day sitting, she felt tired, drained, and down in the dumps.

When she had less energy, she felt less inspired generally and less alert than she did when she was rested and raring to go.

At this point we both realized that Alex needed to improve her health--diet, sleep, exercise, the whole nine yards.  Only then could she truly gauge her wants and needs.  Only when her mind and body felt sharp and ready for action would she be able to choose a spouse, a job, or any other important part of her life wisely.

Change her lifestyle?  Ouch.

At first Alex objected that she could not psych herself for the effort that lay ahead.  It was just too hard! She said she didn’t have the patience and discipline to follow through.  She confessed that she was a procrastinator.

I urged her to think of the stakes and to reconsider.  She did.  Soon she began to feel excited at the prospect of a creating a fabulous new life for herself.

We both realized that Alex was beginning a sort of journey. To help her stay on track, she started keeping a journal.  When she got discouraged, she read through past entries, which showed her the progress she had made.

Alex learned to reward herself for doing things that were hard and to bribe herself to do things she usually hated doing.  She began looking at herself in a wholly new light.

When she started paying attention to her physical and mental well-being, she began to accept her feelings and to work with them instead of beating up on herself for having them in the first place.

The truth was that she hadn’t paid much attention to anything going on inside her for a very long time indeed.  Maybe not since she was a teenager.

In the meantime, Alex sought out new experiences.  She went to new places, met new people, and tried out new activities in her off hours.  Unfamiliar situations sometimes made her feel awkward and anxious, but she kept on.

She learned that she needed faith.  She needed to believe that her many efforts on different fronts would eventually pay off.  If one opportunity didn’t pan out, something else would come along.

After some months, Alex discovered a yoga studio.  Yoga excited her as nothing had done since her childhood, when she was a competitive swimmer.  She took classes, became a yogi, and eventually opened a business with a social worker who had a therapy practice.

Once Alex had discovered her passion, the other pieces soon fell into place. When I last saw her, three years ago, she was married and was holding her first child.  She was thrilled with the journey she had taken.  “I love my life,” she told me.

Spreading the wealth . . .
Alex was only one of many clients I watched reinvent themselves.  As different ones developed their visions, I saw which tips and tricks most helped them on their way.  I kept careful track of them all.  I found it deeply satisfying to witness Alex’s transformation and that of other people over the years.

Still, I couldn’t help asking myself how I could offer the same deeply enriching experience to more people.  I can see only a few clients in my office over the course of a week, but the strategies and tools that my clients and I have developed could be used by hundreds, even thousands, of others to add joy to every part of their lives!

What about you?  Wherever in the world you are, wouldn’t you welcome a chance to have an experience like Alex’s?

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